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Southwestern USA Hiking Trails including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Northern Arizona


Bearizona Wildlife Park, Williams, AZ


  1. From Phoenix, take I-17N towards Flagstaff, AZ.

  2. In Flagstaff, take exit 340B to merge onto I-40W towards Los Angeles.

  3. Drive approximately 30 miles then exit 165 for AZ-64/I-40 towards Williams/Grand Canyon.

  4. Continue on historic route 66 for 4 miles to Bearizona Wildlife Park at 1500 E Rte. 66, Williams, AZ 86046

Bearizona is approximately 2.5 hours from Phoenix.

About Bearizona Wildlife Park: The park is on approximately 160 acres. The park offers a three-mile drive through Ponderosa Pines, where you can view North American animals in their natural habitats. Later, you can walk-thru 20-acres at your own pace to get a closer view of the animals in Fort Bearizona.

I visited Bearizona in October 2019, which was the perfect time of year to be in Northern Arizona. The animals were much more lively in the cooler temperatures, and the aspen trees were starting their colorful autumn show.

After arriving, we did the three-mile drive through the park. The first animals we came upon were a few black bears hanging out upon the Ponderosa Pines.

As you drive through the Ponderosa Pines, you get the opportunity to see mule deer grazing under the canopy of the towering pines.

Further on the drive, you come to a secure area where the wolves live. When we visited, they were napping and paid us no attention.

Driving on, we came upon several more black bears. My favorite was this cute black bear napping in a little cave.

Towards the end of the three miles, you will come across the bison and buffalo who are quite territorial. This handsome buffalo decided to block the road and not let cars pass for a few minutes.

Not far away, this handsome bison looked back to see if the buffalo or the car won the standoff.

When the drive was over, we headed to Fort Bearizona to walk through the park's 20 acres.

The first animal we saw was this guy eating his morning breakfast.

The black bear cubs are on full display in the center of Fort Bearizona. There were 3 different cubs in the enclosure playing and putting on a show for all the visitors.

The cubs do like to play and enjoy showing off for everyone who watches.

Walking up the path a little further, we came to the bobcat enclosure. These animals are so beautiful and stealth-like. I enjoyed watching and waiting to capture the perfect picture of these beautiful creatures.

Directly to the right of the bobcats is a huge barn that is home to this beautiful reindeer.

Inside, an enclosed area is a couple of jaguars. They are as beautiful as they are scary looking.

Now it was time to visit the Birds of Prey show after we finished up our stroll through Fort Bearizona.

The Birds of Prey show is entertaining with owls and ravens soaring above the audience. After the show, you were allowed to get your picture with the great horned owl.

I enjoyed Bearizona and look forward to my next visit. Before heading out for a visit, be sure, and visit their website to read any new protocols with COVID-19.

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