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Devil's Bridge Trail Sedona, AZ

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Devils Bridge is located in Sedona within the Coconino National Forest. Devil's Bridge is accessible a few different ways. On a chilly December afternoon I hiked approximately 1 mile up Dry Creek road to the Devils Bridge trail. The out and back trail is 4.4 miles with an elevation gain of 587 feet. This is a very popular tourist attraction and the parking lot does fill up quickly. The trail also has minimal shade so an early start is highly recommended. The view from Devil's Bridge is breath-taking.

Heading up dry creek road about 1/4 mile you'll take a slight curve to the left and then see a small incline leading off left to a vista overlook.

I did this hike on December 22, 2017 and the weather was in the low 40's but with the right gear and the sun beating down spending time soaking up all the views was definitely worth my time.

Hiking another 3/4 mile from the vista overlook there will be a fork where you will go left. This is the official beginning of the Devil's Bridge Trail.

From here you begin with a slight upward climb towards a natural sandstone stair case leading to beautiful views of the area

Leading away from this vista point is a steep staircase that intertwines among the cypress trees leading you past sandstone caves rising above on the right side of the trail. A perfect location for desert critters

to escape from the hot Arizona sun.

On this particular morning we didn't see any critters lurking.

Another 1/8 mile we arrived to Devil's Bridge overlook. You'll be sharing this view with several other hikers many of who walk out onto the arch to have their picture taken. It's a bit too scary and dangerous for me so I opted to just sit and enjoy the magnificent view.

Heading back down we found a out-cropping of rocks that allow you to look back and view Devil's bridge.

Arriving back at the parking lot we discovered an alternate way to reach Devil's bridge, although 2 miles longer you can take the Chuck Wagon trail to Devil's Bridge.

Next time I'll head out on the Chuck Wagon Trail to take in even more spectacular views.

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