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Southwestern USA Hiking Trails including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Northern Arizona


Doe Trail - Sedona, AZ


  1. From downtown Sedona take 89-A towards Cottonwood

  2. Turn right on Dry Creek Road, drive 2-miles

  3. Turn left on Boynton Pass Road, go 3.7 miles

  4. Turn left into the parking area

About the Hike: Doe Mountain trail is a 1.5-mile single-track trail with an elevation gain of 492 feet that leads to the mountain top. The path winds along the rim, looping back to where you climbed to the top.

It was a foggy, damp Christmas morning in December 2019 when we started our hike. A snowy drizzle fell lightly while the clouds clung tightly to the red rocks.

Deep reds and oranges burst from the wet rocks enhancing their beauty; but also increasing their danger. Our steps became intentional to ensure we did not slip on the slick rocks.

Continuing along we scrambled up the butte face towards a small stream of water trickling across our path.

We sloshed through the wet red clay making our way to the top of the mountain. Not much fun hiking when the ground is wet because the red clay clings to your shoes weighing you down.

The clouds obscured our view when we first arrived at the top of Doe Mountain.

We enjoyed a nice break while waiting for the sun to burn off the cloud cover. It always seems funny to me when I see snow clinging to cacti.

We rested for 45 minutes waiting patiently for the view to open up to us.

But alas, the clouds continued to hang low in the horizon obstructing our view. It was early morning and chilly so we decided to head home for a warm cup of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.

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