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Southwestern USA Hiking Trails including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Northern Arizona


Fence Line Hiking Trail, Heber, AZ

Directions: Traveling through Heber on AZ 260, turn directly past Tall Timber Recreational Park onto Forest Road 50. Drive about 5.5 miles until you see the trail sign for the Fence Line Trail on the right side, turn into the small parking area.

About the Hike: Fence Line trail is a 2.6-mile trail. You will hike in and out along the same path. The trail has a modest elevation gain of 187 feet, making it perfect for trail running, mountain biking, or just taking a leisurely hike.

The Ponderosa Pine trees provide you with the perfect amount of shade for the first quarter-mile of the trail. This summer's monsoon season brought quite a bit of needed rain into the area. The trees look much healthier, and plenty of wildflowers lined the path.

The trail slowly ascends upward towards the fence line. There is less shade from the ponderosa pines for the next mile.

The hike didn't offer a lot of spectacular views, but what it did show was a banquet of wildflowers for your eyes to feast on.

What I enjoyed most on this hike was the quiet solitude. While hiking, I passed two trail runners and a couple of chatting crows high up in a tree.

This trail marker offers you two choices, you can turn and hike back to your car or continue onto the pasture trail. For today, I chose to turn around and head home.

I'll save the Pasture trail for another early morning. Maybe I'll get lucky and see some wildlife out grazing.

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