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Southwestern USA Hiking Trails including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Northern Arizona


Spooner Lake Loop, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Directions: Spooner Lake is located close to Glenbrook, Nevada. Leaving South Lake Tahoe on US-50 E you will travel about 15 miles then turn left onto NV-28 S for one mile arriving at Spooner Lake recreational park on your left.

About the Hike: Spooner Lake Loop trail is an easy 2.5 mile loop around the lake. The trail has an elevation gain of 124 feet and rated as easy. It's popular with both hikers and mountain bikers. The trail offers scenic views throughout the hike.

I am a small little lake tucked away in the shadow of the grandiose Lake Tahoe. But do not overlook the enjoyable loop track along my shores where over 300 different wildflowers color my fields throughout the seasons.

The trail starts off directly below the parking area. There are plenty of signs and a nice paved sidewalk leading down to the beginning of the trail marker.

The trail is shaded with white birches, red birches, white fir trees, and towering Ponderosa Pines. The tree canopy provides the trail with ample shade.

My meadows are sprinkled with flowers of lupines, monkey-flower, and indian paintbrush. The sunlight filters through the clouds painting colors across the meadows

You will hike my shady path clustered with Aspen trees.

Trek along the trail through Jasper Pines, and Red and Whit’s Firs,

the lake on one side, the trees on the other, dotting the mountainside leading up toward the sky.

Several different bird species make this their home. Do not forget those binoculars. You might get lucky and see an Osprey dive down with their talons outstretched to pluck a trout from my body of water.

The loop concludes as you cross the dam leading you back up towards the parking and picnic area.

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