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Southwestern USA Hiking Trails including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Northern Arizona


Woodland Lake Park Trail in Pinetop, AZ

Directions -In Show Low at the intersection of Deuce of Clubs and White Mountain Road, head south on 260. Go through the town of Lakeside into Pinetop for eleven miles. You'll turn right on Woodland Lake Road. Follow this road to the park's first entrance on the right. Drive to the end and park by the boat dock.

About the Hike: This trail is a moderately used paved one-mile loop around the lake. The elevation gain of the path is 16 feet. Dogs on leash are welcome.

I started my hike early Friday morning in August 2020 by crossing the bridge directly right of the boat dock.

A few ducks were wandering along the shoreline, looking for their morning breakfast.

The sunflowers growing along the shoreline added a beautiful splash of color against the contrasting lake.

As the path curved around the lake, you could see the summer drought's impact where the lake has dried up, giving space for the grasslands to begin to spread.

The path looped back around toward the lake, giving me a bird's eye view of all the ducks and geese.

The ducks were bottoms up, searching for a delicious treat along the bottom of the lake.

Further up the trail, I found where the majority of the fowl were hanging out.

I enjoyed watching the baby ducklings waddling amongst the Canadian Geese. Although Momma's watchful eye made sure they stayed safe.

Tall cattails edge the shoreline at this end of the lake, along with grassy fields sporadically peppered with Sunflowers.

On the other side of the path are four tennis courts for those interested in a match.

A little ways up the path, you will cross this wooden bridge into the shade of the Ponderosa Pines.

Off to your right is a beautiful picnic area sporting a kids jungle gym, picnic tables, and a large Ramada for family fun. You can even plan on a challenging game of volleyball on the sandy court after lunch.

The Ponderosa Pines provide welcome shade on this side of the lake as you walk along the trail.

Glimpses of incredible views peek through the pines as you walk along the trail.

A few folks were out fishing along the shoreline as I got closer to the boat dock.

I passed several people a couple of times using this trail for jogging, speed walking, or just a stroll with their favorite pup. This park is a great spot to come and spend the day picnicking, fishing, or strolling along with friends.

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