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Southwestern USA Hiking Trails including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Northern Arizona


Court House Butte Loop, Sedona, AZ

Directions: From downtown Sedona, take AZ179-S toward Oak Creek Village. drive through 4 traffic circles, turn into Court House Butte parking area. You will need a red rock pass to park. A machine is available in the parking area to purchase a one day pass for five dollars.

About the Hike: This is a 3.9 mile loop trail with an elevation gain of 357 feet. This trail is rated as easy with moderate traffic through-out the season.

This well-marked trail starts off with a fantastic view of Bell Rock.

You will come to a sign marker directing you towards Court House Butte Loop, a short walk up the path. You can also continue straight towards Bell Rock Vista.

The trail offers stellar views of the Court House Butte's glorious might as you hike around the base.

I paused along my hike, gazing in all directions. No matter which way I looked, the views were incredible.

In about one-mile, you come upon the wilderness boundary. This signposting alerts mountain bikers they are not allowed into this area. If they continue, they could incur a $300.00 fine.

I took this photo with my 300mm zoom lens, but you can see excellent views of Cathedral Rock along the trail.

Upon passing through the wilderness boundary, the trail narrows and begins adding steps along the way.

Court House Butte's backside offers sweeping views across Munds Mountain's wilderness area.

I was amazed at the landscape the further we hiked into the wilderness area. We continued along, weaving through smaller butte's, continuing our way along Court House's Butte perimeter.

Be careful along the back-side of the Butte. The trail markers are scarce, making it tricky to find the trail in certain places.

The path narrows to a single track. In some places, the trail's edge drops off into deep trenches where I imagine the Monsoon storms run-off water gushes through in the summer months.

The darkness of night quickly started settling upon us as the setting sun dipped below the horizon. We sped up our pace turned on our flashlights, finishing up our hike. Views along the trail cinched the Court House Butte as a favorite on my 2020 Sedona visit.

Hiking Tips: There is minimal shade along the trail, so Fall or winter might be the best time to try this trail. Bring plenty of water, sun-screen, and a hat to protect against the sun.

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