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Southwestern USA Hiking Trails including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Northern Arizona


EJ Peak Trail (Lone Mountain) - Apache Junction

Directions: From Fountain Hills (Shea Blvd Circle-K)

  1.  From Circle K, take Shea Blvd to AZ 87-N.

  2. Turn left onto AZ-87 N, traveling for 2.4 miles to Bush Hwy

  3. Exit on Bush Hwy and turn right to travel 19.8 miles to Usery Pass Rd

  4. Follow Usery Pass Rd to Phon D Sutton

  5. Pull into the large dirt parking lot on your left

About the hike: This is an in-and-out 3.44-mile trail. I would rate it moderately challenging. The trail starts ascending almost immediately with a 744-foot elevation gain to 2787 feet at the peak.

However, the sense of accomplishment you'll feel when you reach the peak and take in the amazing views is truly rewarding. 

It's crucial to equip yourself with hiking poles for this trail. The multiple inclines with loose gravel can be extremely challenging, especially when you descend back down. Hiking poles will provide the necessary support and stability. 

Start your journey by parking in the large dirt parking lot. From there, head east towards the large iron gate. Don't be alarmed if it appears locked, as you can either climb over it or slip through the opening. Continue along the loosely graveled roadway for about 1/16 mile until you reach the trailhead. 

You'll know you've arrived at the trailhead when you step off the road and begin climbing a slight incline. Buckle up because the incline continues to get steeper and steeper as you go along the trail. 

I explored this trail on a sunny early mid-April morning. The wildflowers were still in bloom due to April showers Arizona was rewarded with this year. The trail was a vibrant tapestry of colors, a sight that truly made the hike a memorable experience.

I enjoyed hiking along the outcroppings of boulders

sprinkled with blooming brittle bush, and

offering spectacular views in the background, thus taking my mind off the steady climb and pulsing heart rate.

Even the teddy bear chollas were blanketed in yellow.

 I was swept away by the 360-degree views when I arrived at the peak with a modest elevation gain of 744-foot.

I'm joking about the modest elevation; I was breathless and glad to see a bench

to rest, enjoy the views, and catch my breath before heading back down.

The trip down was challenging without my hiking poles. They were lying on my kitchen counter where I accidentally left them. However, I want to reassure you that with the right equipment and caution, the trail is safe. I slipped on the gravel, but my injuries were minor, and I continued on my hike.

About a third of the way down, I reached a point where descending without poles seemed impossible. However, lucky for me, a lovely girl stopped and offered me assistance. She was sweet and stayed close by helping me multiple times along the trail. So, I have to repeat it: Remember those poles!!

I recommend this hike for anyone looking for a trail that offers a good workout and spectacular views, especially in spring when everything is in bloom.

Happy Trails!

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