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Southwestern USA Hiking Trails including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Northern Arizona


Dale Bale Trail Santa Fe, NM

Directions: In Santa Fe, turn right on Washington Ave off of Paseo de Peralta. Travel 0.2 miles, then turn right onto Artist Ave. Continue straight for 3.3 miles and turn left into the parking lot.

About the hike: Dale Bale trail is a well-marked 3.1-mile loop trail located in Santa Fe. The trail has a minimal elevation gain of 393 feet, the perfect trail to get some fresh air after working all day. There are multiple signs with the trail map and numbered trail markers throughout the hike. When I explored the trail, I followed signposts 1 through 13.

There is a large parking area, so finding parking was not an issue when we did this hike around 5:00 pm on a weekday.

There are lots of switchbacks along the trail, disguising the uphill elevation gains along the way.

Halfway through the hike, you will be hiking along the mountain's west side, offering up opportunities to capture the beautiful New Mexico sunsets. I loved how as you wandered through the pine and fir trees, there were places with pop-up views of the beautiful landscape and mountain ranges of Santa Fe.

At signpost 5 you will cross the road to continue on your way.

A little further along the trail the path has a slight incline leading you north.

At the top of this small incline you get an lovely view of the Sandia Crest Mountain range and the homes nestled at it's base.

From here you start the decline back down towards the parking lot.

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