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Overlook Trail - Adero Canyon

January 2019 Sunrise over the Superstition Mountain Range

Adero Canyon Overlook Trail is a 0.5 mile in and back out trail, rated as easy. This trail is ideal for providing your visitors with an excellent view of Fountain Hills with the Superstition Mountains. Overlook Trail is located in Adero Canyon, Fountain Hills, AZ. You can reach Adero Canyon from Palisades Ave. From Shea Blvd head north and take a left on Palomino Ave. Follow Palomino to the dirt road continuing about 1/4 mile to the to the trailhead.

The Overlook Trail begins to the left of the Ramada through the gates and straightforward to the sign marking the beginning of the trail to the right of the road.

This hike has two vantage points for viewing Fountain Hills. Shortly into the hike you'll come to a 'T' in the trail with the Easy trail leading left and the Overlook trail leading right. The Easy trail runs along the base of the mountain. The trail is very smooth with no inclines and very accessible. It's the perfect trail to take visitors who want to enjoy the view with minimal hiking. At the end of the trail is a bench to relax and take in the beauty and openness of our desert. To appreciate what the trail offers click on the slideshow link below and enjoy the pictures from my hike on an early Saturday morning in January when I knew the sunrise would be spectacular.

The Overlook trail ascents upward to the plateau and does require some hiking to reach the top. However, once you arrive the reward is a beautiful unobstructed view of Fountain Hills with the Superstition Mountains in the background. A couple of things I really liked about this hike was a bench you could rest on an take in the view. The bench was situated for bird watching with information about the different bird species next to the bench.

The beauty of this hike is best described in pictures. Click on the slideshow below to experience hiking along the overlook trail. I did this hike on an early morning in mid-January.

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