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Andrew Kinsley Trail in Adero Canyon

Andrew Kinsley Trail in Adero Canyon is a hike for all seasons. It's located in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Directions: From Shea Blvd in Fountain Hills take a left heading north on Palisades Blvd. At the four way stop turn left heading west on Palomino Dr. Follow Palomino to the end into the parking lot. Andrew Kinsley trail starts from the west side of the parking lot.

The Andrews Kinsey Trail is a 3.5 mile moderate out and back trail with an elevation gain of 577 feet.

In the winter of 2019 Fountain Hills was surprised with an early morning snowfall. I got up early and headed to trail in hope of capturing interesting photographs. I was rewarded handsomely when a mother bob-cat came out of her den carrying one of her kittens.

Hiking in the snow is tricky when the rocks are wet and become slippery so be very careful. The inspiring scenery was worth the visit.

Later February that same year, I went for another hike. The wild flowers in the spring of 2019 were bountiful from all the winter rain and snow fall. My friend Carol and her trusty pal Cado, and I headed out on the trail. This trail is well maintained making it an easy and enjoyable hike without huge elevation gains.

When you start out on the trail you'll hike in about 100 yards or so coming to a sign directing you to continue straight to the Andrews-Kinsley Trail.

The trail starts out winding through beautiful boulders then leveling off to a smooth trail. In spring you'll find the trail lined with poppies, lupines, and scorpion-weed.

It's always fun to try and capture closeup's of the poppies

One thing to remember is the poppies won't fully open until the sun is up and warming the ground. Being a early morning hiker, the poppies were still closed up tightly.

You'll hike to a plateau providing an overlook of the Sonora Desert surrounded by the McDowell Mountains. It's a perfect spot to get a peek of the Andrew-Kinsley trail awaiting you.

Along the trail you'll find the perfect place to stop and catch your breath enjoying the beautiful easterly scenery.

The sun was up and warming things up quickly so we heading back down the trail for home. Stopping along the way to snap pictures of the poppies now that they've opened up.

Cado was feeling mischievous and hopped up on the boulders begging to have his picture taken before we finished up the hike

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