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Fountain Park Overlook Loop Trail - Fountain Hills, AZ

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Fountain Hills Park - Balloon Glow

You'll meet the friendliest hikers on this lovely 2.5-mile trail (including the loop around the lake) with an elevation gain of 216 feet rated as easy. The trail is aptly named because of the splendid views of both the Fountain Park and the McDowell Mountain range.

The trailhead is located directly across the street from the Fountain Hills Park parking lot located on Palisades Avenue.

Fountain Hills residents favor this hike to showcase our beautiful town for their wintertime visitors. Spots along the trail provide panorama views of our famous fountain.

The beginning of the trail ascents upward among the beautiful homes to a landing that provides gorgeous views of the McDowell Mountain Range.

This mountain range provides the perfect backdrop with saguaros in the foreground defining the majestic beauty of our desert. I started my hike at 7:00 am on an early December morning. The clouds were hanging low adding drama to the view of the mountain range.

Benches are sprinkled along the ridgeline providing the perfect place to stop and meditate, visit, or just do some quite self-reflection.

We've had a lot of rain this fall so we're hopeful our wildflowers will be a bumper crop this year. This means we'll get a double dose of color in our desert landscape. This morning to my delight I was blessed with some beautiful blossoms and color from cactus and plants alike.

The smooth trail leads you to a downward descent into a small canyon and then quickly has you climbing your way back up to the top of the hill.

Greeting you at the top is a magnificent saguaro against the bluish of blue skies

The trail crosses the road heading west down the sidewalk until you reach the trailhead.

This part of the trail offered some interesting finds. As I hiked along I came upon a saguaro that was sawed in half allowing me to explore the inside of the cactus. I could see the rib and the flesh that surrounds the rib where it pulls it nutrients from. Laying up from the cut saguaro was a full rib. It was fun to touch the rib and examine it closer. I just love how mother nature provides us with an outdoor laboratory to learn more about our native surroundings. Further down the trail, the birds were feeding on berries and nuts from the paloverde trees.

I met the nicest couple and their adorable doggies. I was only able to capture a picture of one of the pups in it's Christmas sweater.

The trail exits back out on Palisades Ave which you can walk across the street and complete the loop around the lake to finish the 2.5 mile loop. Happy Hiking!

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