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Nambe Lake Trail Santa Fe, New Mexico

Directions: Nambe Lake Trail is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In Santa Fe take Paseo De Peralta, turn left on Bishops Lodge Road. Take the first left after the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. At the next light take a left onto Artist Rd. Continuing straight the road becomes NM-475/Hyde Park Rd. Drive 15 miles where the road dead ends into the Santa Fe Ski Lodge parking area.

About the hike: The trail is rated as moderate with an elevation gain of 2,089 feet. The trail is best used from April through October.

You will start out on the Winsor Trail. At the trail-head go right on the Winsor trail. The trail starts out with a slight incline. Halfway up the Winsor Trail catch your breath on this beautiful bench that is placed in a strategically shady spot.

After a quick rest continue upward until you reach this wooden fence. Go straight through the fence where the trail begins a slight descend towards Nambe creek.

You'll catch glimpses of Mt. Baldy and the Santa Fe Valley as you hike along the trail among the pines and aspens .

I was surprised the Aspens were not fully leafed out in mid-June but it has been an awfully dry summer. I added hiking this trail in the fall to capture all the fall colors to my bucket list.

When you come to the trail marker for Nambe Lake continue straight and you will run into the creek which is absolutely beautiful. The creek runs through a heavily shaded area providing the perfect place to relax and rest up for the most challenging part of the trail, climbing up to Nambe Lake.

Click on the arrow on the right side of the below picture to scroll through the different views of the creek.


The trail leading up towards Nambe Lake is a steep incline for the next mile or so, both myself and my husband Darryl were challenged but loved hiking up along side the creek.

It's hard to see from the pictures but if you look closely you'll see the couple ahead of us on one of the steeper inclines.

I cannot express deeply enough how elated we were when the trail flatten out and we were able to hike alongside this meadow.

Only to be surprised by the next round of trail switchbacks to ascend upward towards Nambe Lake.

Up, Up, Up we go!

Finally arriving to the shores of the lake we are welcomed by beautiful wildflowers growing along the creek.

But alas we arrive taking in the all of Mother Nature's beauty!

Time to relax enjoying the views before heading back down.

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