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Southwestern USA Hiking Trails including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Northern Arizona


Teacup Hiking Trail, Sedona, AZ

Directions: Teacup Hiking Trail is tucked away in a lovely Sedona neighborhood. Take 89A from downtown Sedona towards Cottonwood. Turn right onto Mountain Shadows Dr. continuing for ~.6 miles, then go left onto Coffee Pot Drive. You will take a right onto Maxwell House Dr. and then another right onto Caswell Dr. From Caswell Dr. take a left onto Buena Vista Dr., and the parking lot is right there. Parking is limited, I suggest an early morning or late evening hike to secure a spot.

About the Hike: A perfect hike to photograph Sedona's panoramic views. The 2.4-mile path has an elevation gain of 275 feet. I would rate this trail as easy. There is limited shade; it is a perfect hike during the winter and spring months. If you decide to go in the summer or fall, be sure and bring sunscreen, plenty of water, and a hat.

The weather was perfect for an evening hike in December. Like almost everywhere in Sedona the views were incredible starting from the trailhead and continuing throughout the hike.

Teacup trail is a loop trail that takes you up towards Coffee Pot Rock where you can take the ancillary path to the rock formations base. At the trail-marker take a right.

If you happen to go left you will be heading towards Thunder Mountain!

Time to climb a few steps along the loop with the slight increase in elevation.

I could not help but pause along the trail, taking in the damage from such a dry summer and fall in 2020.

A few steps further along the trail, offering a beautiful view of the surrounding rock formations. This little trail provides many opportunities to snap panoramic pictures of the Sedona landscape.

To capture an even better view you follow the ancillary path upward to the top of the hill.

Trail leading up to those views

Awaiting you is a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. You get a first-class view of the city of Sedona below. But, if you look even closer you can see Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock off in the far distance.

After taking in those views we returned to the trail leading up to Coffee Pot Rock.

The best part of late afternoon hiking is when the sunset happens. I love to capture the moment the sun descends towards the horizon and the sky bursts with color.

The Evening sky came alive with color as we wound our way back towards the trailhead.

I've ranked this as a top contender for great hikes in Sedona. The views are incredible and I didn't experience any crowds. The most challenging part about this hike is the small parking lot. Just remember to protect yourself from the hot Arizona sun. Bring sunscreen, plenty of water, and a hat. You can also carry an umbrella for some instant shade in the summer.


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